Website Success Blueprint

Your Steps to Success…

The Website Success Blueprint gives you step-by-step guides, tutorials, templates and checklists to help you get everything prepared for creating and launching your dream website, whether you’re planning to DIY it or hand it all over to your developer.

Includes 9 modules, 31 lessons with short easy-to-digest videos, and 20 editable workbooks and templates. Check out all the details below.

Course outline

Your Website Blueprint will contain all of the pieces that you need to make your website a success. It is made of of three important parts – your Strategy, your Design, and your Content. Each part has three modules, which are outlined below.

Blueprint Part 1: Start With Strategy

  • Understand what makes a successful website
  • Learn how to attract, engage and convert visitors
  • Define your goals and map out your action plan
  • Understand your audience and the words they will use
  • Map out your website structure

Module 1 - Your Roadmap

  • Your website goals
  • How will people find you?
  • Engage and convert
  • Create your roadmap

Module 2 - Your Audience

  • Know your audience
  • Journey mapping
  • Site structure
  • Page Planner

Module 3 - Your Keywords

  • Brainstorming
  • Research tools
  • How to use keywords
  • Keyword Planner

Blueprint Part 2: Delightful Design

  • Create your brand guide for a consistent look throughout your website
  • Learn how to create a great user experience for your website visitors
  • Understand the elements of delicious design
  • Choose and manage your images with confidence

Module 4 - Branding

  • Branding intro
  • Choosing colours
  • Typography tips
  • Create your Brand Guide

Module 5 - User Experience

  • What is UX
  • Mobile design
  • Website navigation
  • Page layout planner

Module 6 - Graphics & Media

  • Image selection
  • Video management
  • Other media


Blueprint Part 3: Content That Converts

  • Learn how and what to write for the web
  • Create your content step by step, page by page – no more overwhelm
  • Learn how to include other content such as social proof and the all-important legal pages
  • Plus an overview of sales pages, landing pages and opt-ins

Module 7 - Web Content 101

  • How to write for the web
  • Plan your content
  • Pages vs posts
  • Home Page Planner

Module 8 - Key Pages

  • Create your key content
  • Service pages
  • About page
  • Homepage

Module 9 - Supporting Content

  • Create the rest of your content
  • Legal pages
  • Blog posts
  • Social proof, and more

Website Success Blueprint

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