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Roadmap to Website Success [Free Mini Course]

Course Outline

  • Your Roadmap
    • Introduction: Module 1
    • How Will People Find You?
    • Engage & Convert
    • Create Your Roadmap

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Planning your website shouldn’t be too hard or complicated, but it’s an important step to ensure that what you create actually meets the needs of your business.

Your Roadmap to Website Success

At the start of any new venture it is essential to have some goals in place; to know what you want the outcomes to be, what success will look like. This mini-course is all about learning what the success factors are for your website, and looking at it as part of your online ecosystem and not in isolation; where does it fit within your marketing strategy?

This is the first module from the Website Success Blueprint program, which is available for enrolment whenever you’re ready to continue with a complete guide to planning and preparing your website for success.


By the end of this course you will have:

  • an understanding of what makes a successful website
  • learned strategies to attract, engage and convert visitors to your website
  • a basic understanding of how to get found on Google
  • defined your goals and mapped out your action plan

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